Hi, my name is Rachel. I founded Braun & Brains to help startups and investors grow and improve their online presence. If you’d like to chat, please email me at hello@braunandbrains.com.


A sneak peak

🎙️ This Week in Startups: daily show notes, extensive tech research, short and long-form content, partnership management, daily newsletter, guest communications, remote and IRL events, reporting.

💥 Dynamo VC: marketing, social media management, and portfolio support.

🤓 Google: youth culture research.

🤖 Initialized Capital: content creation, social media management, and copywriting.

🧑‍🎨 Contra: video content creation, copywriting, role research.

✏️ Other clients include: #paid, Neeva, Baton, Codie Sanchez.

Podcast and video production

Creating long-form content behind and in front of the camera.

Live hosting and moderating

Engaging and leading thoughtful conversations.

Social media

Crafting copy and content.